Narcissists in the Courtroom

Listen to episode 55 of Co-Parent Dilemmas podcast where Judge Warren Davis (Gwinnett County Superior Court) talks about his experiences with difficult co-parents in the courtroom. Click on the player below. for this episode and many more like it. To listen on your favorite platform (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.), visit

S3.E3. My Baby's Too Young for Sleepovers! Co-Parent Dilemmas

A listener wonders if an infant should have overnight visits with the father while she is breastfeeding. Diane and Rick explore this common concern and discuss what is important at this tender age of development.For a deeper look into what the research says about parenting plans and very young children, follow this LINK.Want to talk about this episode with Diane and other parents? Be part of the conversation on the NON-Impossibles Facebook groupREGISTER FOR OUR 2023 VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS!Coming soon: Friday, March 1712:00-1:30The Freedom of Plan B: What you need to resolve when your co-parent makes it impossible to negotiateDON’T FORGET!The print-version of theI Am Non-Impossible journal is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon for a limited-time price of only $9.95 (Kindle version is $2.99). This is a great holiday gift for those in your life who are seeking co-parenting peace. ORDER YOURS NOW!CLICK HERE to subscribe to our monthly podcast email to get a sneak peak into upcoming topics!Have a co-parent dilemma? Email or access us on our  NON-Impossibles Facebook group.Our podcast exists because of the support of listeners like you.  Here are ways you can offer your continued support:SOBERLINK is an ongoing sponsor of Co-Parent Dilemmas. If you are concerned about substance abuse issues with your co-parent, Soberlink can help. Follow this LINK to get a $50 discount on Soberlink products. To get a special discount on therapy through BetterHelp,  visit you might want to start a podcast? Buzzsprout is the best host for all your podcasting needsSupport the show by being a 2023 Patreon member to get special perks and bonus episodes!Support the show
  1. S3.E3. My Baby's Too Young for Sleepovers!
  2. S3.E2. Manipulation or Child Abuse: How Do You Know for Sure?
  3. S3.E1. “Am I an Impossible Co-Parent?”: You might be if…
  4. BONUS: Why So Bitter After All These Years?
  5. BONUS: A Kid with Two Homes: A Discussion with Bella Duncan

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