Narcissists in the Courtroom

Listen to episode 55 of Co-Parent Dilemmas podcast where Judge Warren Davis (Gwinnett County Superior Court) talks about his experiences with difficult co-parents in the courtroom. Click on the player below. for this episode and many more like it. To listen on your favorite platform (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.), visit

S2.E5. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Judge Slams the Gavel! Co-Parent Dilemmas

In this final discussion with a Dream Team member, Diane & Rick hear from Georgia Superior Court Judge Angela Duncan. Not surprisingly, as a former family law attorney and GAL, Judge Duncan has strong opinions about the professionals who let this family down. She also discusses the limitations of the court when the attorneys fail their clients. Want your friends to listen? Send them to view the Case from Hell timeline details and notes, follow this LINK.To get a special discount on therapy through BetterHelp,  visit’ve created a special Facebook DISCUSSION GROUP to talk about this case since there will be SO much to unpack and analyze! Co-parents AND professionals are welcome. For more info, in-depth information about our show, and a cool merchandise store for co-parents, visit our web site at’T FORGET!The print-version of theI Am Non-Impossible journal is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon for a limited-time price of only $9.95 (Kindle version is $2.99). This is a great holiday gift for those in your life who are seeking co-parenting peace. ORDER YOURS NOW!CLICK HERE to subscribe to our monthly podcast email to get a sneak peak into upcoming topics!Have a co-parent dilemma? Email or access us on our  NON-Impossibles Facebook group.Our podcast exists because of the support of listeners like you.  Here are ways you can offer your continued support:SOBERLINK is an ongoing sponsor of Co-Parent Dilemmas. If you are concerned about substance abuse issues with your co-parent, Soberlink can help. Follow this LINK to get a $50 discount on Soberlink products. Shop for cool NON-Impossible merchandise and purchase something fun! Producing a podcast takes hours of work, so support from our listeners makes us able to keep providing valuable content. Think you might want to start a podcast? Buzzsprout is the best host for all your podcasting needsAd music: Embrace by Purrple Cat | https://purrplecat.comMusic promoted by Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedSupport the show
  1. S2.E5. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Judge Slams the Gavel!
  2. S2.E4. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Custody Evaluator Gets Real about Abuse
  3. S2.E3. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Attorney is On Fire
  4. S2.E2. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team GAL Goes Deep
  5. S2.E1. The Case from Hell: Introduction and Overview

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