Narcissists in the Courtroom

Listen to episode 55 of Co-Parent Dilemmas podcast where Judge Warren Davis (Gwinnett County Superior Court) talks about his experiences with difficult co-parents in the courtroom. Click on the player below. for this episode and many more like it. To listen on your favorite platform (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.), visit

62. Rage and Revenge: A mom’s campaign against stepmom Co-Parent Dilemmas

Rhonda asks for advice about how to deal with a mom who is falsely accusing stepmom of abuse and who goes to extremes to destroy her life. Diane and Rick discuss various roles in the family system and how they need to be clear to protect the children. To listen to more episodes, head to Apple Podcasts!Want to talk about this episode with Diane and other parents? Be part of the conversation on the NON-Impossibles Facebook group Connect with Diane and Rick:FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterTikTokRedditCLICK HERE to subscribe to our monthly podcast email to get a sneak peak into upcoming topics!Have a co-parent dilemma? Email 1234Dilemma@gmail.comOur podcast exists because of the support of listeners like you.  Here are ways you can offer your continued support:SOBERLINK is an ongoing sponsor of Co-Parent Dilemmas. If you are concerned about substance abuse issues with your co-parent, Soberlink can help. Follow this LINK to get a $50 discount on Soberlink products. Become a CPDilemmas VIP patron and support our work with co-parents. Visit our Patreon page to get special listener perks like VIP access to our monthly live Q&A sessions!To get a special discount on therapy through BetterHelp,  visit for cool NON-Impossible merchandise and purchase something fun! Producing a podcast takes hours of work, so support from our listeners makes us able to keep providing valuable content. Think you might want to start a podcast? Buzzsprout is the best host for all your podcasting needs. REGISTER SOON! Workshop is filling up. COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL FOR HIGH CONFLICT CO-PARENTS :October 10, 2022   6:30 PM -8:00 PM (eastern time)iMOM PodcastIf you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the show
  1. 62. Rage and Revenge: A mom’s campaign against stepmom
  2. 61. The Double Bind: Damned if you do…or don’t
  3. 60. Don’t Shoot the Messenger! Why kids suffer as the go-between
  4. 59: My Favorite Guardian: Do they really care about the best interests of children?
  5. 58. Too Cool for School: The parenting style clash

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