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Elinor H. Hitt

Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Guardian ad Litem

Kaye, Lembeck, Hitt & French
Atlanta, GA

Web: www.klhffamilylaw.com

Email: ehitt@klhffamilylaw.com 

Phone: 404-233-2800


I received my J.D. in 2007 at Georgia State University and have since practiced exclusively in the area of family law, as a litigator, guardian ad litem, and mediator.  Prior to becoming an attorney, I received a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in social work.  In the years I practiced as a social worker, I worked in both clinical and case management roles with children, adolescent and adults, in the fields of family violence, substance abuse and mental health.  I began working as a guardian ad litem several years ago by taking pro bono cases with Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, and then moved into taking private cases.   I work hard to encourage settlement, though have experience testifying as a guardian ad litem in both interlocutory and final hearings.  I am also a mother of two elementary age children, which is an education of its own.


Since I began practicing as an attorney, I have been attracted to the work of a guardian ad litem.  In family law cases, I find myself most focused on the best interest of the child involved.  The change happening in his or her family is beyond their control, but they are often the most impacted.  I want to be their advocate.  Guardian ad litem work allows me to combine by social work and legal experience into one role.  I am comfortable with messy emotions, interviewing parties and witnesses, talking to children, home visits and difficult conversations.  I enjoy getting involved, talking to teachers, doctors, therapists, coaches, neighbors and extended family, and really being able to look at the child’s life as a whole picture.  It is a privilege to do this work, and I am thoughtful in my recommendations.  I feel that this work gives me an opportunity to impact the life of a child. 

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