Expanded Listing: Jennifer Brannon

Jennifer Brannon

Attorney and Guardian ad Litem

Meriwether & Tharp, LLC
Johns Creek, GA

Web: www.mtlawoffice.com

Email: JBrannon@mtlawoffice.com

Phone: 678-879-9000


Jennifer Brannon has been practicing since 2012.  She served as an Assistant District Attorney in the juvenile division for Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, handling delinquent and then dependency actions for abused, abandoned, or neglected children. She has collaborated with child welfare workers, law enforcement, medical and mental health professionals, educational professionals, court appointed Special Advocates, and Guardians ad Litem throughout her practice.  Further, she received training and certification as a forensic interviewer while with the District Attorney’s Office through the “Finding Words” program. After moving to Georgia in 2016, Jennifer practiced as an Associate Special Assistant Attorney General in Cherokee County representing the Department of Family and Children Services handling dependency cases. In April 2018, Jennifer joined Meriwether & Tharp to focus on her passion for family law and children’s welfare issues. Since joining the firm, Jennifer has handled numerous divorces, custody cases, legitimations, child support cases, juvenile court cases, and complex family law litigation matters.


Jennifer is a mother and a stepparent, so she has first-hand knowledge of many of the issues her clients face and approaches these situations with experience and understanding. Additionally, Jennifer has received and is certified as a Parent Coordinator by the Cooperative Parenting Institute.Jennifer is passionate about ensuring the children involved in these matters are heard, but also hopes to shield them from the process as much as possible and help their parents focus on the children instead of “winning.”

Office of Jennifer Brannon is located at:  

6465 E. Johns Crossing, Suite 400, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097