Expanded Listing: John L. Welsh II

John L. Welsh II

Family Law Attorney and Guardian ad Litem

Welsh Law Office
Lawrenceville, GA

Email: welshlawoffice@aol.com 

Phone: 678-682-3871


Solo-Practitioner primarily in the Atlanta Metro-Area; however, I have handled, and will consider, matters in any County in Georgia. I practice before the Probate, Juvenile, & Superior Courts: in the areas of Family Law, Probate Law, Adult and Child(ren) Guardianships/Conservatorships, Wills, and  Family Estate Planning;

Augusta University: BBA in Business Management, with Minors in Mathematics and Psychology;

Emory University School of Law: JD;

Faculty Member for The Eidson-Kessler Trial Techniques Faculty at Emory University School of Law. (1994-2003 )

Served as Special Assistant Attorney General (SAAG) representing the Department Of Human Services (DHS) Child and Adult Protection Departments. (1995-2002);

Admitted to: The Georgia State Bar, The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, The Northern District of Georgia Courts, the Georgia Supreme Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Family, Elder, and Probate Law Sections of the  Georgia State Bar Association, Family Law, & Probate Sections of the Gwinnett County Bar Association, and the American Bar Association, Family Law, Elder Law, & Probate Sections.

Previously appointed on many occasions as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or as a Member of a Citizens Review Panel in both Dekalb County and Fulton County. Frequently appointed by Gwinnett County Superior Court Judges as Guardian ad Litem in disputed Child Custody/Visitation matters, and by the Probate Court to act as either Guardian ad Litem, or Attorney, for allegedly Incapacitated Adults, or children, when Petitions for Guardianships and/or Conservatorships of Adults/Minors in Estate Matters.


My background in coaching, and as someone who grew up as the eldest of seven (7) children in a military family that was always moving somewhere on the planet, as well as one who has been through two (2) divorces, is the father of two (2) sons, and eight (8) daughters, (biological, adopted, fostered, and/or step-children), and the grandfather of twenty-nine (29) and counting, my ability to maintain neutrality, and reserve judgment until all of the facts are in, contribute to the seriousness with which I take my role as a Guardian ad Litem. My primary focus is to ensure that children are not only safe, well-cared for, and able to deal with the “turmoil” going on in the family, but to make sure they understand what is going on, and that none of it is their fault.

A recommendation from the Guardian ad Litem to the Court is a powerful tool because of the number of viewpoints it encompasses, and it is a responsibility I do not take lightly. The parents are more receptive to solving the problems in front of them when they are ensured that an exhausting and thorough investigation of all issues has taken place. The Guardian ad Litem report is also invaluable to the parents in complicated custody situations, because it assists the Guardian ad Litem, and the parents, in finding solutions for effective co-parenting that accepts the responsibility of both parties in serving the best interest of child(ren). More often than not, the parties with the assistance of the Guardian ad Litem, are able to resolve these major issues by themselves, and avoid litigating them in Court, and having a judge order them to do what he/she wants done.  

The Office of John L. Welsh II is located at:

538 Scenic Highway, Lawrenceville, GA 30046