Narcissists in the Courtroom

Listen to episode 55 of Co-Parent Dilemmas podcast where Judge Warren Davis (Gwinnett County Superior Court) talks about his experiences with difficult co-parents in the courtroom. Click on the player below. for this episode and many more like it. To listen on your favorite platform (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.), visit

S4.E5. The Alienated Child Co-Parent Dilemmas

Diane & Rick take a deep dive into what parental alienation feels like from the child’s perspective. From having trust issues in relationships to learning to lie to survive, they explore the destructive impact alienation has for children long-term. Also discussed are ways to respond to an alienated child and what to do if you are an adult survivor of this type of emotional abuse. To access the Adult Kids of Alienation (AKA) Facebook group, CLICK HERETo learn more about the Center for Navigating Family Change, go to: CLICK HERE to offer help to the Right to Peace Foundation. We’re on a mission!Be first in line for individual co-parent coaching, being launched by CNFC this fall. Just fill out the info form to get on the pre-registration list!FINALLY, the digital version of our Communication Protocol Workshop is available for purchase. Click here to buy the video. Those who were Patreon VIPs got it for free upon release, so consider supporting the show so you can get these perks, but more importantly, so we can continue offering the best advice in the business, to the world, for FREE!Want to talk about this episode with Diane and other parents? Be part of the conversation on the NON-Impossibles Facebook groupTo get a special discount on therapy through BetterHelp,  visit you are a professional working with high-conflict co-parents, join our LinkedIn group.Find us on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) @CPDilemmas. Join one of our Reddit groups at:r/NarcissisticCoparents r/NONImpossiblesRATE THE SHOW!DON’T FORGET!The print-version of theI Am Non-Impossible journal is AVAILABLE on Amazon for a limited-time price of only $9.95 (Kindle version is $2.99). This is also a great gift for those in your life who are seeking co-parenting peace. ORDER YOURS NOW!CLICK HERE to subscribe to our monthly podcast email to get a sneak peak into upcoming topics!Have a co-parent dilemma? Email or access us on our  NON-Impossibles Facebook group.Support the show
  1. S4.E5. The Alienated Child
  2. S4.E4. Voices: The Alienated Parent
  3. S4.E3. You Know Who
  4. S4.E2. Half the Child
  5. S4.E1. Closing One Chapter and Opening Another

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